Support, validation, facts, and proven steps to help in your journey to healing from Narcissistic abuse… you’ll find them all here.

Choose YOU! Pocket Coaching is a companion feature for the Choose YOU! Podcast. NPD research, first-hand experiences & observations, and Q&A’s are posted here to supplement the podcast episodes.

Hi. I’m Carmen Sakurai…

I’m an INFJ Single Momma, Certified Trauma-Informed Master Life Coach with a BSc in Psychology. I’m a Certified Coach-Practitioner of several types of psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, with over 20 years of education, training, and experiences.

I’m also trained and certified in Mental and Behavioral Health Studies with focus on Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Depression, and Suicide/Violent Behavior.

But I was FAR from immune to narcissistic, emotional, and mental manipulation and abuse. I’ve experienced the crazy-making. I’ve been devalued and dragged through the aftermath of the discard. I’ll be first to admit to using the National Lifeline at my very darkest and hopeless moment. I’ve had to find my way out of the confusion - while raising my son and running a business alone.

I know FIRST-HAND what Narcissistic abuse can do to your very existence.

  • I know this isn’t just a bad breakup that you can move on from

  • I know not all mothers are wired to love their children

  • I know how it is to feel so hopeless and exhausted that you just want to give up and be spared from the seemingly endless grief and struggles

  • and I know all that it takes to BREAK FREE

What’s Inside CY! Pocket Coaching?

The Choose YOU! Podcast is broadcasted every Monday. These weekly episodes are provided as a type of “audio coaching” where I cover important facts to guide you through the NPD abuse recovery journey, smash myths that could potentially hinder your progress, and answer your questions. Podcast episodes always come with supporting worksheets, checklists, and/or helpful resources.

I also post a Weekly Check-In to delve deeper into what was covered in the week’s podcast episode including: the science behind it, why it’s important in your healing & breakthrough, and how you can use it to empower yourself.

You can listen to the Choose YOU! Podcast in your email, on Substack, or in the Substack app where you’ll also find full transcripts.

Pocket Coaching PLUS

This is the paid option where you get access to key information, guidance and support including:

  • Each month, I introduce a Recovery/Rebuilding Focus Topic to provide clear direction for your self-guided healing journey. This is supported by Case Studies of my actual clients - including the emotional injuries we’ve identified and their steps to breaking free from the cycle of abuse,

  • Bi-weekly Virtual Q&A where you can ask your questions to clarify, receive validation, and get support (free subscribers can always read the 1st Q&A in each session).

  • SOS Cards to help guide you out of stuck-points when you’re feeling weak & confused… as well as tools to help remove and replace any distorted thoughts and beliefs that affect how you view yourself and engage with every aspect of your life.

  • Voice Notes - these are behind the scenes audio, video, and podcast episodes where I share my observations, mistakes & assumptions during my own recovery (so, it’s actually much more than just “voice notes”).

  • Community Privileges to post comments and ask your questions.

  • Access to ALL archives including previous posts (free subscribers have access to posts from the past 60 days)

  • Exclusive discounts to my group/self-study intensives, 1:1 coaching.

  • … and more!

Why are Comments Open to Paid Members Only?

It’s important that CY! Pocket Coaching is a safe space for everyone.

It takes COURAGE to take those first steps to heal from narcissistic and emotionally unhealthy relationships. Admitting that something was not right in your family, romantic relationship, friendship, etc., is difficult as it is… but stepping up and getting help? That’s a BIG DEAL.

As such, it is essential to have a safe & private space to properly process and work through it all without added grief or unnecessary interference.

That last part. I’m well aware that there are many who intentionally (and unintentionally) invalidate, mock, and gaslight survivors who seek validation or speak up about their experiences. That’s not OK.

You’ve been silenced long enough… NOW is your time to CHOOSE YOU, your well-being, your recovery, and a life where you are genuinely happy.

Since the podcast is available to the public and weekly check-ins are available for free, the paywalled comment sections and chats makes certain our discussions are private and safe.

However You Choose to Join Us…

Together, we’ll throw EVERYTHING I have at what you’re fighting against: my education in personality disorders, training in human behavior, and my personal experience as a survivor.

You will learn to confidently #ChooseYOU.

I believe you. What you are experiencing is real. You’re NOT alone.



I invite you to visit my website at for more resources to support your recovery and re-building (if you need help and forget how to spell my name, go to And follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

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