The Survivors’ Pocket Coaching is a companion feature for the Choose You Podcast. NPD research notes, first-hand experiences & observations, and Weekly Q&A videos are posted here in-between podcast episodes.

Support, validation, understanding, and facts… you’ll find them all here.

About Carmen Sakurai

I have a BSc in Psychology and certifications in Cognitive & Dialectical Behavioral Coaching, as well as Mental and Behavioral Health Studies with focus on Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Depression, and Suicide/Violent Behavior.

But I was FAR from immune to NPD abuse. I’ve experienced the crazy-making. I’ve been devalued and dragged through the aftermath of the discard. I’ve had to find my way out of the confusion - while raising my son and running a business. I’ve even used the National Lifeline at my very darkest, hopeless, and most suffocating moment.

I know FIRST-HAND what Narcissistic abuse can do to your heart, mind, and body… and I know all that it takes to break free.


Together, we’ll throw everything I have: my education in personality disorders, training in human behavior, and my personal experience as a survivor - at what you’re fighting against.

You will learn to confidently #ChooseYou.

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