The Survivors’ Pocket Coaching is a companion feature for the Choose You Podcast. NPD research notes, first-hand experiences & observations, and Weekly Q&A videos are posted here in-between podcast episodes.

Support, validation, understanding, and facts… you’ll find them all here.

Hi. I’m Carmen Sakurai…

I’m an INFJ Single Momma, Certified Trauma-Informed Master Life Coach with a BSc in Psychology, Certified Coach Practitioner of several types of psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, with over 20 years of education, training, and experiences.

I’m also trained and certified in Mental and Behavioral Health Studies with focus on Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Depression, and Suicide/Violent Behavior.

But I was FAR from immune to NPD abuse. I’ve experienced the crazy-making. I’ve been devalued and dragged through the aftermath of the discard. I’ve had to find my way out of the confusion - while raising my son and running a business. I’ve even used the National Lifeline at my very darkest, hopeless, and most suffocating moment.

I know FIRST-HAND what Narcissistic abuse can do to your heart, mind, and body. I know this isn’t just a bad breakup… I know not all mothers are wired to love their children… and I know all that it takes to break free.


Together, we’ll throw EVERYTHING I have at what you’re fighting against: my education in personality disorders, training in human behavior, and my personal experience as a survivor.

You will learn to confidently #ChooseYOU.

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A companion to the Choose YOU! Podcast. NPD research notes, narcissistic abuse first-hand experiences, and Q&As for discussion & validation in-between episodes.


Carmen Sakurai
Single Momma. Certified Trauma-Informed Master Life Coach. Toxic Relationship + Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Wannabe Foodie. Entrepreneur. Survivor.